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Types of Membership.


a)          Certified  Ocularist. A Certified Ocularist shall be an active member who is principally engaged in the practice of an Ocularist as defined in Article 2c of the Bylaws), has been certified by the Examining Board of Ocularists , has received a Certification in Ophthalmic Prosthetics from the Indian Society of Ocularists, and has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Society. The title "Certified Ocularist" shall be reserved for use by these members only.


b)          Apprentice.          An Apprentice Member shall be one who is actively training in the manufacture, fabrication and fitting of artificial eyes under the supervision of a Board Approved Diplomate Ocularist and within the standards for such training as prescribed in the Rules of the Indian Society of Ocularists.


c)          Associate.          An Associate Member shall be a person who is principally engaged in the practice of an Ocularist, seeking Board approval under the prescribed Rules of the Indian Society of Ocularists..


d)          Medical Affiliate.          A Medical Affiliate Member shall be a physician who, as a result of his or her interest in the goals of the Society, desires to become so affiliated, and is approved by the Board of Directors.


e)          Honorary.          An Honorary Member shall be a non-­ÔÇÉmember, inactive or retired member whose outstanding contributions to the profession or the Indian Society of Ocularist's merit recognition.


f)          Inactive Member.          An Inactive Member shall be any Certified Ocularist, not actively engaged in the practice of an Ocularist, who requests to be transferred to this membership and relinquish voting privileges. An inactive member may remain on the Society's mailing list and attend Society meetings and functions, but shall pay no dues.


g) Ancillary.          An Ancillary Member shall be a person who is Certified by the Examining Board of Ocularists.

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